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InBody Anatomy is an interactive software implementing a clear-structured natural science study program for undergraduate and graduate medical specialists, including such study fields as applied anatomy, morbid anatomy, forensic medicine, surgical studies, ophthalmology, odontology, otorhinolaryngology etc. This software allows building a complete study cycle, starting from entry level anatomy studies based on visual and descriptive materials, to knowledge assessment and automatic test results control.

4 interactive study modes

  • View

    Full size 3D human body model, including over 4000 objects inside a human body in sections and segments, intraorganic structures, ligaments.
    12 levels of detail within a 3D body model.
    Interactive mode for 3D objects.
    Prompt messages with object descriptions.

  • Comparison

    Database includes 100 standard pathologies. Possibilities to compare paired organs, normal and pathological condition, various pathologies. 3D objects selected for comparison are provided with descriptive texts, photos and videos.

  • Diagnostics

    In Diagnostics mode you can interactively study the following diagnostics information:
    - CT, MRT: axial, frontal and cross sections.
    - Ultrasound scanning: up to 8 sensor positions for each organ.
    Individual diagnostic data can also be studied.

  • Knowledge assessment

    Teachers can* create their own tests to check students' knowledge, based on their courses. Any question may be linked to a certain 3D model, and the answer would be a certain human anatomy object, selected in a given 3D scene.
    * This option is delivered in the PC version of the 3D human anatomy atlas.

Short demo

Unique content — 3D anatomy atlas

InBody Anatomy is an innovative educational product with unique human anatomy data content. View any combination of anatomic features. High image resolution allows viewing objects in detail. For instance, you can specify and examine a certain muscle at a fiber, blood vessel system, nerve ending level. Selecting and removing parts of 3D images you can see the human body from a truly unique point of view: from inside. InBody Anatomy 3D image database is extensive and can be updated with new images.

Interactive table features

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